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The Division Office of the SIS Solution

The Division Office of the SIS Solution SIS Solution Division Office of the SIS has been operational since the summer of 2008, and provides all those services in support of documentary information management, customer relationship and outsourcing parts of business processes and business
administration that are not part of the  "core business".

Externalizing one or more business processes (or parts thereof) to a supplier who assumes responsibility for managing them, based on rules and criteria dictated by management, performance measurement, today is defined by the term Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). The company maintains, however, the "strategic" and the vendor becomes responsible for all operational components of the process as the results obtained and all related activities involved. The 'outsourcing' becomes one of the possible methods of organization through which companies can support and develop their "core business" by giving a third-party activities "non core" and ensure a significant competitive advantage by controlling or reducing costs, improving efficiency and increasing the flexibility in the benefit and, thus, also reconfiguring and improving its "chain value ".
In particular, SIS - Solution Division Office is able to provide services such as outsourcing of BPO (business process outsourcing), to streamline business processes and improve performance, such as:


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