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1. Services for Back Office (BO)

SIS – Solution Division Office provides back office operational and administrative services for third parties functions the organization and the management of administrative proceedings.
The offer for integrated back office, allows you to choose between different levels of depth of services, to provide a structured time schedule consistent with needs.To define the perimeter of action that includes, in addition to data processing or other equipment, includes human resources in relation to typical areas of application such as services like: procurement, back office management, personnel management, card processing, insurance policy management, security services, accounting, billing, credit, etc.

The provision of SIS - Solution Division Office has two main areas:

  • innovative services for sharing of parts of business processes
  • the processing of traditional practices and their management at the institutions concerned.

Our support aims to meet the needs of management and administrative processes, and in the management and outsourcing of parts or all of the processes themselves, our support can be used in various fields of internal operational procedures such as management of:

  • credit to customers
  • the problems of administrative staff and sales force
  • the cost of travel and employee
  • the processes of closing accounts and / or consolidation
  • physical inventories of stock and assets
  • orders from customers and some logistics processes
  • establishment of reporting and directional control
  • supervisory reports
  • pay slips
  • active and passive accounts


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