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1. Integrated Logistics Services

Integrated Logistics ServicesThe activity of integrated logistics covers the movement of flows of goods and materials and includes the management of the entire operational chain of storage and packaging from receiving goods to the control and encryption, from the storage to the preservation, from the packaging to the labeling, from inventory management to the coordination of administrative documentation.

More in detail the activities include:

  • storage of goods, handling and warehouse inventory management
  • ssembly and packaging services
    (including packaging materials)

1.1 The storage of goods, handling and warehouse inventory management includes:

  • receiving goods: the control of containers / packages, taking charge on entry of goods at warehouse, administrative control of the transportation documents, collection of documentation and subsequent transmission thereof to the customer.
  • warehousing and storage of goods: adequate space for the storage of goods, tagging, ranking and storing in a rational way, in safe well-defined areas, internal storage and handling of goods.
  • warehouse inventory management: inventory of goods, coding, implementation of specific database for encoding and quantity management, IT implementation for handling of goods, inventory update after each shipment.
  • management information system: the provision of an information system to support the services accessible via the Internet (product/goods cataloging management, shipping requests, inventory, shipment, delivery, inventory, returns, updating of inventory, ...) or by sending to the client, the information periodically or following a specific request.

1.2 Assembly and packaging services includes:

Assembly and packaging servicesThe service includes assembly, packaging, packing and labeling of goods and their preparation for shipment, including provision of packaging (envelopes, cartons, boxes, wooden packaging and special packaging).


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