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2. Distribution and delivery

Distribution Services / Shipping and Shipping Management 2.1 Distribution Services / Shipping and Shipping Management 

The service provides for the distribution (shipping) of documentation, materials and goods throughout the country and if required internationally  through the usage of specialized carriers. The service also includes the monitoring of deliveries and the provision of statistical reports.

  • receiving and managing orders for shipment (via e-mail/internet or otherwise) sent by the client
  • preparation and printing of the accompanying documents and / or shipments of DDT and its transmission to score labeling packages
  • distribution and delivery of goods (shipments) or through our organization or by that of other professionals (carriers) throughout the country including the islands or international
  • monitoring of the distribution up to delivery
  • the collection of administrative documents for the delivery of goods
  • management of stocks, resolution of poor service and complaints, customer service and customer information
  • preparation of statistical reports and accounts

2.2 Freight shipments and exceptional shipments

The service provides for the withdrawal and / or delivering of materials and goods with appropriate resources and dedicated staff  to travel for both occasional and continuing or regular journeys, shipping and handling including exceptional handling (for packing, delivery or dimension) such as massive shipments and / or management of emergencies and peak workloads.



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