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Integrated Support Services (SIS) was founded in 2001 with the objective of providing goods, work and services related to the needs of its customers to improve their competitiveness through a logic of integration of services.
The current scenario calls for companies to compete with a market-changing and increasingly globalized, there is therefore a need to focus primarily on the activities defined as "core" (central), in order to improve the competitiveness. In this context, therefore, it is useful to assign to qualified operators the "no core" to get benefits, both in terms of lower costs and higher quality of results.

In this scenario, SIS acts as a valuable resource capable of providing specialized solutions and services especially in the field of logistics and outsourcing (outsourcing of some stages of the production process). In particular, outsourcing may involve transportation, stock management, logistics or complete performance completely new.
SIS operates on a logic of fulfillment (general services), a series of internal processes and / or external ones needed to receive and process customer orders, with the ultimate goal of meeting the demands and needs of the client, through a complex system set of tools and technologies.

our missionMission

Our mission is to provide integrated solutions and services that are able to operate effectively throughout the value chain, streamlining the processes of service delivery and making it at the same time, functional to the needs of the customer and consistent with the needs to reduce costs.
The provision of services through new modes of operation that are based on certain basic principles such as:

  • The management of activities through outsourcing arrangements with multi-year√ė agreements, the identification of levels of service and measurable indices of quality, the identification of results / objectives that need be achieved, the ownership of responsibility.
  • The participation in a common framework for sharing, to the ¬†development of programs and services to improve the level of efficiency and the quality of integrated services.
  • The transparency and visibility in relation to the modes of supply and the delivery of services.

SIS offers the best specialist in the areas of logistics and outsourcing and shares with you the plans for streamlining and development management services and support. Furthermore, SIS provides performances specified and prioritized, defined by the customer, and shares emergency situations and difficulties.


To provide innovative solutions and efficient services SIS makes a continuous cultural, economical and organizational effort based on:

  • Integration of services
    Our customer goals are pursued through a strong customization and specialization of services in order to provide an effective and efficient outsourcing thus to create a significant competitive advantage. SIS performs a punctual analysis of the referenced context to understand new and innovative solutions helpful to the achievement of business goals.

  • Competence, Professionalism, Specialization
    The aim of adaptation and improvement of internal expertise in their respective areas of activity is pursued through training, which consequently results in a strategic lever of cultural change and of support to the growth of the company as a whole. Participation in business life and the sharing of strategies are essential prerequisites for achieving the goals and represent a real added value.

  • Quality of results
    SIS pays particular attention to deadlines and operational needs on services commissioned considering punctuality and competence essential elements in the responses to the requests of the Client. The transparency of the results obtained and adherence to agreed deadlines are essential for professional management and qualified services.

  • Certification Process Quality
    SIS has a management system for quality certification (n.10-Q-10167-TIC) issued by TUV (first issued 21/01/2005) and in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for the following fields activities: "Design and implementation of integrated services to buildings and facilities and provision of integrated logistics services."


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